Amber's Dirty Altar: Worship and Obey, Serve Your Purpose
You've wanted this all your life, Submit, Surrender,
Give in to Hypnotic Female Superiority
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Amber Chase:Artist, Scholar, Model, Stunt woman, Seductress...
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All feedback listed below is copied from verified feedback on niteflirt.cim/amberchase 

I try to stop...but can't. Must obey...
This beautiful goddess is an icon of female superiority. Very intuitive, she has that special gift.
Goddess Amber is truly a dominant force who needs to be worshipped and obeyed, call her and experience the best. Controlling men comes natural to her and I can't wait to be under her spell again!

absolutely incredible in every way. an incredible Domina.

if you like an evil taylor swift then amber is your for me its not my cup of tea. she makes interesting vids. reminds me of a snake demon or the nazgul.

Great videos highly talented and seductive, mind bending and truly hypnotic

incredible awesome holy shit i'm f***ed

trembling. no choice but to surrender, submit, obey

hypnotic, spellbinding, in total control

Goddess Amber is the ultimate Goddess, once you hear her voice, her words, you will be changed forever....she is her to be worshipped, her needs above everything else!

The longer you listen the more addicted you become, and the more you realize your have Princess Amber own you, your mind, body and most of all your soul!

Just discovered Amber--despite the fact that I am involved in the erotic hypnosis community for awhile AND live in SF, I somehow hadn't yet. She is incredibly powerful, dedicated, mesmerizing, smart, gorgeous, uninhibited. (more to come!)
Goddess Amber is always right!

Princess Amber is slowly pulling me in...

totally overwhelming...excellent

mmm the longer i listen the deeper i fall for Her

reality check: Amber does get to me, so impossible to resist Her voice

In a class of Her

Amazing Goddess.

She is such a stunning and addictive Lady and She knows how to make me so weak with Her amazing boobs..

oww She could get me addicted to anything.

Had a great sat. night talk with Amber who is really special. Talked about her sexy clips & photos but also spoke as friends about pets & life in general. A very sweet & sexy woman with a great attitude.

Had a great sat. night talk with Amber who is really special. Talked about her sexy clips & photos but also spoke as friends about pets & life in general. A very sweet & sexy woman with a great attitude.

She really helped me work through the problems I was having trying to get my girlfriend to try some stuff. Great advice AND she got me off really good! I'm going to get my girlfriend to call Amber together with me next time.

This girl is sexy & beautiful and the best at making your fantasy feel real. If you look up the word COOL in the dictionary Amber Chase should be next to it. Its a must call boys & girls!

One of a kind great. Incredible combination of high intelligence, creative, sexy, refined, well-educated, very sweet, very dirty, and an incredible roleplayer. The best.

real and honest, surprisingly down the earth, good listener, very sexy too. Well worth a call, or two, or three...

Amber is an amazing roleplayer. Sweety wicked. Ran with it.I'm addicted now!

AmberChase has an amazing voice, and is a smart and creative roleplayer. When I calk ed again she remembered me an we got right down to it!

Omg Amber is the best. we had so much fun! She has this way of talking, well you have to try it!

Goddess Amber is irresistibly sexy - she absolutely knows how to read you, get to know you & quickly, completely seduce you. She's hypnotic in every way, in every movement, in every word she says to you. Beware - she seduces & devours you, utterly.