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You've wanted this all your life, Submit, Surrender,
Give in to Hypnotic Female Superiority

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Amber Chase: Artist, Scholar, Model, Stunt woman, Seductress...
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Pleasing The Divine Amber Chase is as simple as placing one foot in front of the other. You don't have to think about the whole journey all at once. In fact, never once in all your life have you ever taken a whole journey all at once; Indeed, you took one step at a time. 
Now you travel along a path that leads you to your destiny.  

Step One-
Read the Rules here for Devotees and Learn this mantra:
Goddess Amber is Perfection. I know these words are self serving without my actions and devotion behind them. My purpose in life is to increase Princess Amber's Happiness and prosperity. 
(be prepared to craft your personal mantra)
Step Two-
 I make more than enough money to pay my own bills, 
but I just love spending your hard earned cash? 
Step Three-
Complete the slave application; purchase clips Iwantclips, join DreamLover, and NiteFlirt, Perhaps even subscribe to GoddessChase Then determine what useful skills and resources you have to increase my happiness, or make my life easier while you await my response. 
 in the form of gift cards only

Goddess Amber will transform your life.
It's what you've always wanted.

Confession is good for the soul. Admit your secrets, Reveal your weaknesses, Surrender everything to Goddess Amber.

In GODdess Amber We Trust

Purchase my videos to support my ability to make more exciting content. You might think that this stuff just pays for itself once you have the equipment. I mean, it's only art right?... art is work. I wish money grew on trees, but that is not the case. It is up to YOU, not people LIKE you, it is up to YOU as a fan to support my ability to produce content for you to enjoy. If you watch stuff on free tube sites, that's fine, but come back here and message me about how to make a contribution, or purchase stuff off my wishlist ....whatever the case, don't be one of those freeloaders who says they adore me but in reality just my wastes my time and energy by just take take taking. If you got together with your friends you'd chip in for pizza, you wouldn't eat it all up like a little pig and not chip in, so don't do it to performers like me. Show your luv.