Amber's Dirty Altar: 
Worship and Obey, 
Serve Your Purpose
You've wanted this all your life, Submit, Surrender,
Give in to Hypnotic Female Superiority
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Rules for Devotees...        

Rules of Conduct and expectations are for all devotees and submissives

 contacting me. If these rules are broken more than once you will be ignored or otherwise blocked without recourse. Just as when in any foreign country- Ignorance of the rules does not make you exempt. Read carefully, they are quite simple follow. As usual, any and all whims and Rules are subject to change without warning.

Goddess Rules

Updated: January 2016

1~ Goddess Amber rules, Princess Amber  is in control, Goddess knows best,  I am the boss, I am your boss, those people that shuffle the paperwork are a formality. You recognize me as the One and Only, head honcho, the dom, the top, Domina, Alpha, Omega, #1, Better than wifey, better than family, First in your life, first in your mind, your true God, Master, Mistress, Divine Authority, Your Superior, Empress, Princess, daughter, mother and ruler of your universe. To be in contact with me in any way you must accept your place below me. Goddess Amber knows best and you defer to my decisions. I am compassionate enough to hear when roleplay has gone astray and needs a course correction however so devotees must always voice their boundaries in advance and report back during after care following the subspace immersion See Rule #7.

My preferred titles: Goddess, Princess, Master, Mistress, Domme, Empress

2~ I will be treated with the utmost respect at all times. A slave who is pushy, rude, whiny or dishonest is not worthy of my attention or acceptance. You address me with the appropriate titles. Although we may cover a lot of strange territory mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we will not discuss certain items such as animals, crushing or suicide and rare others as presented. 

3~  This goes without saying if you follow Rule #1 or Rule #2 however Rule #3 Honesty is required at all times. Lying is not accepted.  Yes we may reside in Fantasy at times but lying is another matter all together. DO NOT make promises you cannot keep. Do not agree to something you cannot do or do not intend to do. Punishments and Fees can be expected for any and all inconsistencies.

4~ All devotees, fans, submissives, benefactors, providers, slaves and property must PAY to serve me, online or in person. I am divine, exquisite and expensive, make sacrifices for my happiness.

5~ When communicating with me- Speak in clear thoughts, if not perfect grammar. I know that some of you get excited or have other excuses, but you must try to be as articulate as possible. No text speak UR B4 NV idk .... acceptable exceptions omg & lol 

6~ Always leave feedback, rate with 5 stars, and post comments on any of my content online.  THIS REALLY SHOULD BE NUMBER TWO IN THE RULE BOOK.

 7~ DO NOT respond with "anything you wish Mistress"  during our initial correspondence. A blank response like this could lead you into fetishes that are too extreme for your psychology or too timid for your tastes. Let the communication flow between you and Goddess Amber. Although what I say goes, I like to pin point your specific weaknesses to exploit.

8- On that note- NO free chat instant messengers. if you want to chat you have to pay a minimum chat fee of $10. IF you repeatedly "forget" the need to monetarily show your appreciation for my time I will levy a Wanker Waster fee of $50-100 depending upon the severity of your offense. Alternatively you have my permission to email me free of charge, I may respond, or I may respond later, or or or.... I love how comfortable you are at confessing you sins and secrets to Goddess Amber. However, unless you are on an devotional budget already I'm not engaging in dirty talk - pretty simple.

9- No bitching about my rates, No begging for lower rates, discounts or freebies. I actually give away quite a bit of content and time.  If you have a limited or small budget,  you will tell Goddess Amber and togetehr we will determin a reasonable budget or non-monetary ways inwhich you can SERVE ME (not by making you eat cum etc etc etc). SO not be a self serving wanker when you approach me. I accept submissives of all budget sizes.Even if it is a small amount if you are truly making sacrifices in your life for my benefit then you can prove yourself worthy of serving Goddess Amber. But reveal your financial situation right from the start so that we may determine how you may serve me with whatever you have. 

10- When you first contact me confirm you have read and understood the rules of conduct.

Consequences for Rule Breakers:

 Warnings 1, 2,3. Learning from your mistakes is highly recommended. All slaves will occasionally make mistakes, it is their nature. 

 Fines: monetary pentalties between $25 and$1000 or more  on a case by case basis. But I'm a Goddess, Not a babysitter. I expect obedience. 

I will ignore/block you: deprived of my attention. Goddess Amber will no longer acknowledge your existence. 

Q: can I tribute?

A: YES, look above, the link will lead you to many options.
Q:What are your Credentials or experience?

A: First of all I'm a female, and I don't have to explain what that does to the male psyche. Secondly, I'm gorgeous, but those phenotypical attributes are just the siren call. 

I'm also highly educated:
BS in Anthropology focusing on Archaeology with a minor in History and a minor in Contemporary Native Issues; BA in Art History with a minor in Studio Arts (drawing, painting, sculpture); and a Masters in Public Administration with a focus on Tribal Governance and Rural Development. 

I've been a professional model since 2007 and you can read all the press releases and other impressive accolades I have accredited to me here
---> PRESS <---
oh and other addictive content 
I've always been dominate, even when society told me to hide it, even when I thought it would hurt my modeling career if I were free with my thoughts. I am a lifestyle and industry trained Dom/Domina (there is no fucking difference) c.2003-07. I understand the psychology of domination and submission personally. However, in 2008/09 I began to take my natural talents of wrapping men and women around my little finger or burning them down with a glare to the next level, beyond the daily manipulations I perpetrated, beyond the clandestine rinsings- to the internet. And yes, before you ask the related Q:/A: YES, I've had long term devotees along the way, years spent devoted to Princess Amber.

I am physically fit - and can force you to become my chiseled servant, which means I'm strong, have stamina and am worshiped wherever I go. 

In the realm of femdom I am skilled in mental, emotional and corporeal manipulation and discipline. 

I've been in Hollywood productions and independent films, radio shows, Bellydance showcaces, art exhibits and hosted interviews. 

My Measurements are (32F bra; Shoe size 7 1/2-8) bust measurement 37 inches, Ribcage 28 inches, Waist 26 (sometimes as small as 24) hips 37-41 inches depending on training level; 5'4".

I could go on but I sense you are already feeling overwhelmed or actually inferior, and crushed by my presence (and doesn't it feel oh so good)-this is a natural response. 
Q: Before you were famous, what type of jobs have you held?

 I have had lots of experiences---  Babysitter, Hydraulic Hose Skaver and Press Setter, District Court County Clerk, Ran my family's 27 head Cattle Ranch and even helped birth a stuck calve, Slash burned for a summer, Assistant Art director at an advertising company, Art Gallery Curator, Research Assistant, Departmental Aide at the university, Artist, Grant Writer, Policy Advocate, Caregiver and Goddess....

Q: Do you have a Devotee application? Slave Contract? Fetish check list?

A: yes, Yes, Soon you may apply
  Click ---> APPLY <--- Surrender 
Slave Contracts are slightly more serious and are created between our combined energies.

Q: do you sell custom videos

A: YES you can order directly
Q: Will you have sex with me?

A: I LOVE sex! and I am aware you think about my tight body all the time! Seems like a perfect match.... 

Truly, I do have my sex slaves, who are to be accessible for inspection and available to my pleasure at all times; You'll note that you are not one of them.

You also have other fantasies that drive you from time to time, or aid you with wifey or alternatively keeping you from her bed. Goddess Amber fuels your addictions. 
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Q. Tesimonials?
All feedback listed below is copied from verified feedback onniteflirt.cim/amberchase 
 I try to stop...but can't. 

Must obey... This beautiful goddess is an icon of female superiority. Very intuitive, she has that special gift. 

Goddess Amber is truly a dominant force who needs to be worshipped and obeyed, call her and experience the best. 

Controlling men comes natural to her and I can't wait to be under her spell again! absolutely incredible in every way. an incredible Domina.

 if you like an evil taylor swift then amber is your for me its not my cup of tea. she makes interesting vids. reminds me of a snake demon or the nazgul. 

Great videos highly talented and seductive, mind bending and truly hypnotic incredible awesome holy shit i'm f***ed trembling. no choice but to surrender, submit, obey hypnotic, spellbinding, in total control Goddess Amber is the ultimate Goddess, once you hear her voice, her words, you will be changed forever....she is her to be worshipped, her needs above everything else! 

The longer you listen the more addicted you become, and the more you realize your have Princess Amber own you, your mind, body and most of all your soul! Just discovered Amber--despite the fact that I am involved in the erotic hypnosis community for awhile AND live in SF, I somehow hadn't yet. 

She is incredibly powerful, dedicated, mesmerizing, smart, gorgeous, uninhibited. (more to come!) 

 Goddess Amber is always right! Princess Amber is slowly pulling me in... totally overwhelming...excellent mmm the longer i listen the deeper i fall for Her reality check: Amber does get to me, so impossible to resist Her voice In a class of Her Amazing Goddess.

 She is such a stunning and addictive Lady and She knows how to make me so weak with Her amazing boobs.. oww She could get me addicted to anything. 

Had a great sat. night talk with Amber who is really special. Talked about her sexy clips & photos but also spoke as friends about pets & life in general. 

A very sweet & sexy woman with a great attitude. Had a great sat. night talk with Amber who is really special. Talked about her sexy clips & photos but also spoke as friends about pets & life in general.

 A very sweet & sexy woman with a great attitude. She really helped me work through the problems I was having trying to get my girlfriend to try some stuff. 

Great advice AND she got me off really good! I'm going to get my girlfriend to call Amber together with me next time. This girl is sexy & beautiful and the best at making your fantasy feel real. 

If you look up the word COOL in the dictionary Amber Chase should be next to it. Its a must call boys & girls! 

One of a kind great. 

Incredible combination of high intelligence, creative, sexy, refined, well-educated, very sweet, very dirty, and an incredible roleplayer. 

The best. real and honest, surprisingly down the earth, good listener, very sexy too. Well worth a call, or two, or three... 

Amber is an amazing roleplayer. Sweety wicked. Ran with it.I'm addicted now! 

AmberChase has an amazing voice, and is a smart and creative roleplayer. 

When I calk ed again she remembered me an we got right down to it! Omg Amber is the best. we had so much fun! She has this way of talking, well you have to try it!

 Goddess Amber is irresistibly sexy - she absolutely knows how to read you, get to know you & quickly, completely seduce you. She's hypnotic in every way, in every movement, in every word she says to you. Beware - she seduces & devours you, utterly.
Pleasing The Divine Amber Chase is as simple as placing one foot in front of the other. You don't have to think about the whole journey all at once. In fact, never once in all your life have you ever taken a whole journey all at once; Indeed, you took one step at a time. 

Now you travel along a path that leads you to your destiny.