Amber's Dirty Altar: 
Worship and Obey, 
Serve Your Purpose
You've wanted this all your life, Submit, Surrender,
Give in to Hypnotic Female Superiority
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Tribute Buttons

Purchasing my videos and calling to talk to me 
as sending tribute.
Natural Order
The Mathematics of Your Soul
My Pleasure
Your Purpose
refer to the FAQ for greater understanding of your predicament
 Whether this is your first step or your ninety ninth contribution, it is easy for you to prove your devotion. After all, it's only paper money, and even if it were gold, it has no value to you without giving it to me.

Cash money is the quickest way to for me
to acknowledge your existence~
However if you have useful Skills, I will put your eagerness to work for me in all ways possible. BE sure to inform me if you have useful talents.

Start forum discussions and make posts about why you love devoting yourself to Goddess Amber's needs and greed, write about why your life is better under my ownership....etc etc etc
Attract my attention, respect my time.
TRIBUTE = GIFT not an exchange and does not purchase anything (especially if violates any TOS of the payment processor) 
  • We can talk about peer to peer methods to send cash directly to me or ask me about ones you use regularly 
  • in the form of amazon gift cards only
  • Neiman Marcus Gift Card
  • Organic Corset Gift Voucher
Although you can tribute as low as $5, 
If you want to impress me- Set a monthly budget, 
pick an item from the list below, dedicate yourself to that goal and tribute that amount regularly, just like you would for your other bills and obligations.
you don't have to be rich to prove your devotion.  
Each of these objectives are easily attainable.  
You can even adopt my regular living expenses 
to provide for all my needs and my greed.

  • Mani Pedi $75 each session (about every 21 days)
  • Massage $120 I like to experience two per month)
  • tanning $45 (monthly)
  • car $270 paid off by devotee JSUV monthly $600 ins $100 (monthly)
  • pretty shoes $150 
  • weekend trip out of the area (you are not invited) $600
  • matching bra and panty set $175 Simone Perele; $220 Aubade; $150 panache 
  • Dog Grooming $80 (monthly) for my Bichon Frise Lumi Palo
  • student loans $300 minimum(towards $105,500) 
  • fresh flowers $30
  • Maid service $150 per month; Fluff and Fold $25 per week
  • Travel Savings plan or Retirement Savings plan $100, $200 $500(monthly)
    •  Other things that I desire:
    Bellydance costumes CUSTOM made for my specific measurements

    * CUSTOM MADE LATEX outfits
    * a Mermaid fin made of silicone 

    * Jewelry

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     Tell me what technical, professional or other skills you have that might impress me and be used for my happiness and success.