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You want to be a loyal Pet at my feet

Fill out the Financial Devotee application it only takes a moment

Devotion requires action.
Sometimes devotees need specific guidelines, a specific set of tasks to accomplish, or something that fits their limited budget.
These are my basic desires,
otherwise you can check my Amazon Wishlist for goodies to send me

Set a monthly budget, 
pick an item from the list below, dedicate yourself to that goal and tribute that amount regularly, like your other bills and obligations.
you don't have to be rich to prove your devotion.  
Each of these objectives are easily attainable.  
You can even adopt my regular living expenses 
to provide for all my needs and my greed.

  1. Mani Pedi $75 each session (about every 21 days)
  2. Massage $120 each session (I like to experience two per month)
  3. tanning package $45 (monthly)
  4. car $270 paid off by devotee JTruck monthly $315 ins $150 (monthly)
  5. pretty shoes $150 
  6. weekend trip out of the area $600 minimum
  7. date night $250 especially for online cuckolds
  8. matching bra and panty set $175 Simone Perele; $220 Aubade; $150 Panache 
  9. Dog Grooming $80 (monthly) for my Bichon Frise Lumi Palo
  10. student loans $600 minimum $1100 maximum monthly (towards $105,500) 
  11. fresh flowers $30
  12. rent monthly $1600 taken care of by devotee G
  13. Maid service $150 per month; Fluff and Fold $25 per week
  14. Salon service $125 minimum (every 6 weeks)
  15. Travel Savings plan or Retirement Savings plan $100, $200 $500, $1,000(monthly)
  16. PGE $200 (monthly)
  17. cell pone $240 (monthly)
  18. internet $80 (monthly)
  19. groceries $100 (weekly)
Other things that I desire:

* Rare Occult Books

Analog Audio recording equipment

Musical Instruments of High Quality

Bellydance costumes CUSTOM made for my specific measurements

* a FULL Mermaid fin made of silicone 

* Jewelry

* Lottery tickets, Powerball tickets and Scratch tickets mailed directly to me at "Amber Chase c/o Kinklive 1800 Mission St San Francisco CA 94103"

* Your time and energy RATING and REVIEWING my sites, profiles, clips, etc

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         and before you get any funny ideas... you are not invited on these getaways, even though I'm spending all your money. 
If I'm having a really good time I'll snap pics- this is all about my pleasure.  
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